Sophisticated Grey Living Room

Grey Matters Living Rooms stand out as a preferred choice for homeowners seeking a contemporary and stylish living space. The versatility of grey allows for the creation of diverse looks, ranging from modern and minimalist to warm and inviting.


Inspiring Revival Living Room

Revival Living Rooms appeal to homeowners aiming for a stylish and inspiring space. Drawing inspiration from various design styles, including traditional, vintage, and eclectic, these living rooms become unique and deeply personal.

Sleek Modern Living Room

A modern living room represents a contemporary and stylish interior design approach for the home’s living area. Characterized by clean lines, simple forms, and uncluttered spaces, modern living rooms often embrace minimalism.


Eclectic Charm in the Living Room

An eclectic living room style blends various elements, colors, and patterns from different design periods and styles, creating a unique and personalized space. Eclectic design stands out for its freedom of expression, creativity, and the ability to harmoniously mix and match diverse pieces.

Dynamic Contemporary Design

Contemporary design, also known as “modern” or “contemporary style,” is a popular and ever-evolving interior design approach that emphasizes the present moment. Characterized by clean lines, minimalism, and a harmonious blend of different elements and materials, contemporary design showcases a dynamic aesthetic.


Efficient Compact Living Room

A compact living room, designed for smaller spaces like apartments or studios, focuses on efficient use of limited square footage. The key is maximizing available space while ensuring functionality, comfort, and visual appeal.

Timeless Elegance in the Classic Living Room

Classic living room design, synonymous with traditional style, is a timeless and elegant interior approach drawing inspiration from various historical design periods. It exudes sophistication, balance, and comfort.


Spatial Harmony in the Open-Plan Living Room

An open-plan living room, also known as an open-concept living room, is a modern design concept seamlessly combining multiple functional spaces within a continuous area. Blurring the boundaries between the living, dining, and kitchen areas, it creates a sense of spaciousness and interconnectedness.

How We Designs!


We initiate the process by comprehensively grasping your requirements, preferences, and budget constraints.

Design & Planning

Our adept designers craft a personalized design that not only aligns with your unique style but also optimizes functionality.

Material Selection

Assisting you in choosing the finest materials, finishes, and accessories, we ensure your kitchen reflects quality and aesthetic appeal.


Upon completion, we deliver a flawlessly finished modular kitchen, ready to enhance your daily life with convenience and enjoyment.


We hand over a beautifully finished modular kitchen, ready to make your daily life more convenient and enjoyable.

Our Modular Kitchen Offerings

L-Shaped Kitchens: Ideal for optimizing corner spaces, these kitchens provide ample counter space and storage while maintaining an open feel. U-Shaped Kitchens: If you’re a cooking enthusiast, the U-shaped layout offers a lot of room to work and move around. It’s perfect for larger families or those who love to entertain. Island Kitchens: Adding an island to your kitchen introduces a versatile workspace, storage, and even seating options. It’s a great choice for creating a social hub within your home.

Parallel Kitchens: When space is limited, our parallel kitchen designs make the most of it. With two parallel countertops, you can have separate prep and cooking areas. Straight Kitchens: Simple yet functional, straight kitchens are perfect for smaller homes or as an addition to open-plan living spaces. Experience the Future of Cooking: Step into the world of innovation and elegance with our modular kitchens. At Space Designs, we’re dedicated to crafting kitchens that resonate with your lifestyle and aspirations. Explore our gallery for inspiration and connect with our experts to turn your dream kitchen into a reality. Because every meal cooked here is a story shared, and every moment spent here is a memory cherished.



Tailored Design Options

Modular kitchens provide an extensive level of customization. Crafted to suit specific layouts and available space, homeowners can select from a range of cabinet configurations, finishes, and materials to personalize their culinary haven.


Optimal Space Utilization

Renowned for their space-efficient design, modular kitchens excel at maximizing storage capacity. They utilize every inch available, addressing corners and vertical areas to create a kitchen that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Effortless Installation

Prefabricated in factories and assembled on-site, modular kitchens boast a streamlined installation process. This method ensures quicker and more efficient setups compared to traditional kitchen installations.    


Functional Layouts

Designed with a keen eye on ergonomics and functionality, modular kitchens incorporate efficient work triangles. This ensures seamless coordination between cooking, preparation, and other kitchen activities.


Durable Material Selection

Modular kitchens offer a high degree of customization. They are designed to fit the specific layout and space available in a kitchen, allowing homeowners to choose from various cabinet configurations, finishes, and materials.


Versatility in Style

Adaptable to various kitchen styles, be it contemporary, traditional, or minimalist, modular kitchens showcase versatility. This flexibility allows homeowners to seamlessly integrate their preferred aesthetic into their kitchen space.

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